7 month baby girl with suggestive Dandy Walker Syndrome

Dear Sir,

Few days back we done brain MRI of our daughter and the findings are directing towards the above mentioned condition. Please guide us about the available treatment and is it curable? She has a enlarged brain and slow motor coordination and poor feeding. Also she has a congenital heart defect for which she will be undergoing surgery in next month. In case you need a report of MRI please provide your email so that I can send the same. We are under lot of stress because of this please help us.

Navin Dahiya

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Re: 7 month baby girl with suggestive Dandy Walker Syndrome

I am terribly sorry for the delay as there was problem with the forum.
I hope surgery went on alright.
I will be happy to be of help if needed avthamburaj@hotmail.com
my email is<a href="http://"> avthamburaj@hotmail.com