Forgot the gait!

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First half of October 2010 had been very trying for me. First my 2 and half year old daughter brought home the eye infection from her school and spreaded to every one including me and my wife. Then I got ankle sprain.

Later my daughter also developped viral pneumonitis and then few pustules . . . In between my wife had miscarriage . . .

By god's grace, the bad time got over.

The interesting thing which I would like to narrate to all of you is my suffering with ankle sprain.

On a wednesday evening as I came home for a tea, I found my daughter playing with security and other people. I thought of spending some time with her. To encourage her and to give her the glimpse of tricks of football, I was trying to push the ball. She was enjoying that . . . Suddenly my left ankle inverted! I had sprain of the lateral ligament of the left ankle. It was a killing pain for few minutes.

As I was walking back, my security was suggesting in to walk with jerk (JHAAR KE). I knew the childhood technique, but the pain was too bad to do that.

I had already taken almost a week off from the operation theatre due to conjunctivitis. It was against my personal ethics and habit to stop working. More over I had a sense of guilt.
Also the pain was tolerable after the crepe bandage. So I went to the clinic. But by the end of the clinic, the pain was so severe that I needed help to walk back to my car! While on my way back home, I called my wife to the ground floor to help me reach home. By the time I was on my bed, I had severe intolerable pain. Usually I avoid medicines till it can be. But now I could not. My nephew brought some Brufen. But I did not take alcohol! I did not want to give a double dose to my kidney.

Next day I went to get the X- Rays. No bony injury. Orthopedician said that the pain will take 6 weeks!

I cant afford 6 weeks of bed rest!

Earlier in 2003 I had ligament sprain of the lateral ligament of the left wrist. While trying to take a sudden right cut with my 2 wheeler while coming out of the two wheeler stand of the Apollo Hospital, I had the sprain. Though the severe pain subsided within few days, I used to get sudden cruciating pain for 6 months. Those days I was posted in general surgery where for abdominal surgeries I had to hold the retractors and pull them . . . I used to be afraid and so cautious about direction of the pull . . . Luckily I could manage those days without any professional compromise. I was afraid how is it going to be this time.

I took 3 days rest at home. But I was feeling bad for my unit and my boss. I cant take leave like this. I called my boss that I can join the duty! He welcomed me unwillingly.

I used to tie crepe bandage on the left ankle. It was uncomfortable to walk with that. Daily I used to change the style of tying the crepe bandage and walking . . . Over few days I found out the most comfortable way of applying the crepe bandage. Slowly the original pain subsided . . . and new pain started in the heel! Because of hypoperfusion caused by the tight strangulating crepe bandage? Then on the lateral aspect of the foot! I tried to walk without the crepe bandage which I felt better. Pain was there, daily in new location! Lastly settled in the lateral aspect of the foot - which was not the location of the original pain anyway.

Unknowingly my foot was taking a new posture every day!

Slowly I percieved that the pain at the lateral aspect of the foot is gone and other places have apeared! Patiently I kept walking carefully . . . my foot changing the posture daily . . . every moment. On and off I took medicine but that I did only too late.

As pain came down further and I was able to stand on my foot, I was surprised to note that I did not know that which part of foot should touch the ground! I was making effort to make myself comfortable by comparing my stance on right foot. Even the pain was not fully over, it was still there - even  after 6 weeks! Up to the level of discomfort. But its not limiting my activities. Probably I had to continue my job specilay because I had joined new unit only recently. Or I cant afford to alow the pain to limit me. Luckily workload was also less. After a long time we had a long surgery and I could stand for 8 hours.
But while walking, I need to recollect how to walk! Which side of foot should touch the ground first? Which side of foot I need to put my weight the maximum? Which side of the foot should push the ground to take off?

All these are taught in gait and stance. But when I suffered personaly, I forgot the stance! I had to do research on myself to make myself comfortable.

Just like that.

Thought you people may find it interesting.

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hope u get better soon