Osteophytes Lippings

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Dear Dr. Vincent Thamburaj

We are from Mumbai. My wife and son stays in Mumbai and I am staying in Central Africa.  

For the last 15-20 days my wife was having Vertigo problem pain in head and neck region . As per advice of my Family doctor, she went for a X Ray and blood tests, The blood tests have come normal.

The X Ray Report says the following.

“ Early Marginal Osteophytes Lipping (fosterior as seen in C5 & C6 Vertebrae Body). Suggestion of Degerative changes. “
My wifes aged 39 years, is short if height around 5.2  ft, and has a fat body. She weighs around 75 kgs.

We have a 9 year old son.

I just wanted to know some info on the above report.
1) What causes this osteophytes lipping and
2) What Remedy /treatment is suggested.

Am worried, kindly advice.



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Re: Osteophytes Lippings

Lippings are common finding in an aging spine and do not cause vertigo.

You may consult a Neurologist and, perhaps, an ENT surgeon for the vertigo

Lippings can be controlled with regular neck exercises; of course she needs
to reduce her wt.