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by Desmond Sam Dhivyana... • | | 2 comments
Dear Dr. Vincent, You had performed a surgery on me 8 years ago and thanks to you I'm hale and healthy. This post is for my dad (Mr. Dhivyanathan). He is 61, recently retired and does not have diabetes or blood pressure. When he visited me in the USA he had two incidents. Once, he blacked out...read more
by milan • | | 4 comments
I have undergone treatment of Koch's spine since last 6 month still I have back pain so what should I do
by NAVIN DAHIYA • | | 2 comments
Dear Sir, Few days back we done brain MRI of our daughter and the findings are directing towards the above mentioned condition. Please guide us about the available treatment and is it curable? She has a enlarged brain and slow motor coordination and poor feeding. Also she has a congenital hea...read more
by ravi shankar m • | | 1 comment
sir this is mri of 9 month old male baby normal vaginal delivery nothing significant in ante natal and post natal period had physiological jaundice in first week , at 5th month he had suffered from staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome .recovered well . attained neck control @ 7th month...read more
by Manas • | | 1 comment
respected sir, what are the benefits of Citalopram and adesam tablets (related to neurology)???
by kevin • | | 1 comment
my 84yrs old mother has frequent bouts of disorientation since few years. lately, she finds it difficult to maintain her balance. can u kindly guide me
by Venkatasubramanian • | | 1 comment
Dear Dr. Vincent Thamburaj We are from Mumbai. My wife and son stays in Mumbai and I am staying in Central Africa. For the last 15-20 days my wife was having Vertigo problem pain in head and neck region . As per advice of my Family doctor, she went for a X Ray and blood tests, The blood...read more
by KRISHNAPRASAD • | | 5 comments
40 YR male from central Africa-operated in 2004 at Baltimore ,USA for meningioma grade2 and had SRT.He came to us in 2010 with recurrence and had surgical total excision with 1cm clearence of the infiltrated bone in 2010.HPE-ATYPICAL MENIGIOMA,Ki67 index-10%-20% with mitotic cells.Now,Dec2011,vi...read more
by NeurosurgeryInfant • | | 0 comments
Respected Sir, What would be your advise to someone who is just entered in the 6 year residency programme? I mean to say,how one should approach the subject over a period of time in different aspects. Where to start and how to build up knowledge and skill. Please Sir,your answer matters.
by Femi Daniel • | | 2 comments
Dear sir, In theory, a sensory level noted after spinal cord injury should be a guide to the spinal segment involved (one or two above the level). I have had to doubt the sensitivity of this clinical finding in determining the MRI request (Lumbo-scaral or Thoraco-Lumbar) when faced with p...read more
by Dr. Raghavan • | | 2 comments
A lady, 43 years old, post kidney transplant 5 years ago was referred to me because she complained of severe headache of about a week duration. She was found to have bilateral papilloedema with normal visual acuity with no other abnormality in general fundus. OCT confirmed papilloedema. Visual ...read more
by Dr. Raghavan • | | 3 comments
A 52 year old lady from North India came for an opinion here and was referred to me by a neurophysician. In short, she has had two episodes of bilateral simultaneous retrobulbar optic neuritis in the last six months and recovered with complete recovery after having been treated with usual treatm...read more
by Dr. Raghavan • | | 2 comments
A 32 year old female patient came to see me a fortnight ago with complaints of diplopia of 10 days duration. She had gone to an ophthalmologist in her city and was prescribed glasses with prisms to counter the double vision.This was the history given to me before I saw her. But it was a spott...read more