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by Dr.Purav Patel • | | 0 comments
Carl Wainwright is the oldest Neurosurgeon alive (as reported in 2008). Is it true? Is he still alive? Watch for more>>>
by Dr. M.C.Vasudevan • | | 0 comments
Removal of two specific parts of the brain leads to increased self-transcendence, an important aspect of spirituality. Read more >>>
by Dr. M.C.Vasudevan • | | 2 comments
Good news for DNB students. Health ministry and MCI concur at last. DNB is equal to M.D/M.S; those with several years of teaching may be recognized as faculty members in a medical college. Read more>>>
by Dr.P.Natarajan • | | 0 comments
The FDA has approved EVEROLIMUS (Afinitor) for unresectable benign SEGAs'. Read more>>>
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Mobile phone is indispesable these days. Smart phones and PDAs offer additional features. There are many brands and types with a list of applications. Read more...
by lavi • | | 0 comments
Gemlyn George, a research officer at Christian Medical College (CMC) at Vellore, wins ‘Times Magazine’s Asian essay competition ’ with his essay on 'Asian health system'. Read more>>>
by Dr. Thamburaj • | | 0 comments
No one has seen the mind; but we are getting closer. Read more>>>
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Many youngsters want a medical career without knowing what they are up to. Medical career is not easy. As someone who loves helping others as a doctor, I can state that “Burn out’ is well known among the physicians, more so in surgical specialties. Read more>>>
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The Cushing Center at Yale’s medical school library houses more than the 400 jars of patients' brains and tumors; it also houses a selection from Cushing’s book collection. Watch him at surgery and Read more>>>
by lavi • | | 0 comments
Two or more antiepileptics during pregnancy may result in deficits later in children (born normal) in their teens. Monotherapy may be a better option during pregnancy. Read more>>>