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Benign ICT due to respiratory condition?
— by Dr. Raghavan Dr. Raghavan
A lady, 43 years old, post kidney transplant 5 years ago was referred to me because she complained of severe headache of about a week duration. She was found to have bilateral papilloedema with normal visual acuity with no other abnormality in general fundus. OCT confirmed papilloedema.
Visual fields were normal.MRI was normal.This was about three weeks ago. She was being treated for IIH and was put on Tab Acetazolamide 250 mg twice a day.She became asymptomatic.Subsequently about ten days ago, she devoloped severe dyspnoea even on slight exertion for which a CT chest was ordered by the nephrologist and it showed some pulmonary vessels pathology. I do not have the details but she was admitted and treated.

She came for a review yesterday and to my surprise, there was definate venous pulsations in the disc veins in both eyes, though there was not much change in the appearance of the discs.Presence of venous pulasations in a discedema means the ICT is less 170 mm of water, suggesting regression of edema in this case.

My inference is raised ICT was because of respiratory condition.Can I have your views and advice on this.